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5 Tips for Better Sleep in the Summer

For the third night in a row, you’re wide awake in bed. During the past two hours, you’ve tossed and turned, checked your phone, and even resorted to counting sheep. This is a frustrating situation and a very common one in the summer months. Longer daylight and toasty temps keep many people from reaching a full night’s sleep. Bring your circadian rhythm back on track with these five summer sleep tips.

How I healed my mind with yoga (and how you can too!)

I’m Hannah, a mental health therapist (MSW, CSW) and yoga instructor. But I wasn’t always either of these. In fact, I probably said the words “I don’t like yoga” at least a dozen times before I was 23 years old. “It’s too easy.” “It’s just stretching.” “It’s fluffy hippy-dippy stuff.” Then, at 23 years old, I went to my first hot yoga class. 90 minutes. 107 degrees. Humid. No talking. Eyes on yourself in the mirror in front of you. The instructor speaks, then you move. It was miserable. I thought to myself, “Never again…”