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Ogden Clinic Hosts 6th Annual “Shop with a Doc” Event

2017 marks the 6th Annual Shop with a Doc event at Ogden Clinic. Nearly 70 children in need received a shopping spree at Target with an Ogden Clinic provider. The event took place the morning of December 9th, where all children were given a $125 gift card. Parents are encouraged to enjoy refreshments in the lobby and allow their children to shop on their own, giving children the chance to familiarize themselves with doctors and become more comfortable around them.

Ogden Clinic partners with Youthlinc’s Outreach Efforts in Kajuki, Kenya

This post was written by Lauren Bikhazi, a local humanitarian from Ogden, Utah. The Ogden Clinic’s healing outreach knows no bounds. Through the incredible generosity of the clinic, the people of Kajuki, Kenya received blessings that they did not anticipate. This project started in mid-October as Youthlinc, a non-profit humanitarian organization, began to assemble for a trip 9,000 miles away. Youthlinc needed sponsors in order to conduct an international outreach and Ogden Clinic stepped up to the plate.