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Pregnancy: Uncomfortable Questions about Feeling Uncomfortable

“Miraculous,” “emotional,” and “exciting” are a few words we use often to describe pregnancy. But those nine months have plenty of lackluster moments too. Pregnancy can be exhausting, scary, and plain old uncomfortable at times. You’re not alone if you have questions about the side effects that come with carrying a baby. Dr. Beverly from Ogden Clinic’s Women’s Center at McKay-Dee Hospital addresses a few myths and questions about being uncomfortable. Read More


Will Popping Your Knuckles Cause You to Develop Arthritis?

Most of us have popped our knuckles at some point or another in our lives. For some of us, it’s habit. Others of us avoid the practice under the belief that popping our knuckles will increase the likelihood of developing arthritis in our hands. But is that really true? Dr. Darek Eggleston of Ogden Clinic says that there’s no evidence to support that fear. Read More


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