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Can Sleep Apnea Patients Finally Ditch the Mask?

The thought of a single night of uninterrupted sleep is but a dream for people with obstructive sleep apnea. The majority of people living with obstructive sleep apnea find relief from continuous positive airway pressure, or CPAP. And while CPAP is the most common treatment on the market today, it requires patients to get comfortable with wearing a mask to bed and packing it with them for travel.

How Women Shaped Healthcare in America

The way our healthcare system operates today was built on the work of women past and present. Many of the first hospitals were founded by Catholic nuns over 150 years ago. They did everything from administration and operations, to clinical work and public health outreach. These women were the first leaders in healthcare and their accomplishments forged a path and place for women in the workplace.

Which Birth Control Method is Right for Me? (Infographic)

Whether you choose birth control to prevent unintended pregnancy or for its other benefits (lighter periods and acne management among them), finding the best method can be confusing. According to Dr. Audrey Roberts at our Women’s Center at McKay Dee Hospital, the best choice for each woman depends on which benefits are most important to her. She says “choosing birth control is kind of like choosing the perfect running shoes. Maybe insole support is important to you, or maybe your shoes need to be the right color or style. Perhaps you prefer lightweight materials and minimal support—we all have different preferences.”

When Is a Mole Concerning?

Most people have a few moles that have grown with them since childhood. A mole can appear anywhere on the body and mole patterns are usually determined by genetics, sun exposure, or a combination of the two. Many of us have wondered at some point if our moles are harmless or if they may need to be examined. Nancy Shina, Dermatology Nurse Practitioner, shares some insight about when a mole may be concerning.

Health Inspired, Life Inspired: Dr. Ray Ward

This blog post is part of Ogden Clinic’s Health Inspired, Life Inspired series. Health Inspired, Life Inspired highlights physicians who serve their communities in diverse ways. Ray Ward’s ties to Davis County run deep. In fact, his ancestor Israel Barlow was in the first group of Mormon pioneers to settle in Bountiful in 1847. A graduate of Woods Cross High School, Ray earned his undergraduate education from BYU and his Medical Doctorate from University of Washington. He returned to his hometown in 2004 and has been practicing medicine in Bountiful ever since. But most people in Utah know Ray Ward for another reason: he’s been a Representative of the Utah State Legislature since 2015. 2018 marks Ray’s 4th consecutive session. What motivated this family physician to take on a role in Utah’s government? How does he find a balance between two very important jobs? And what are some changes he’d like to see in our state this year? Healthcare at the Heart A family physician for nearly two decades, many of the issues that Dr. …