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Ogden Clinic partners with Youthlinc’s Outreach Efforts in Kajuki, Kenya

This post was written by Lauren Bikhazi, a local humanitarian from Ogden, Utah.

The Ogden Clinic’s healing outreach knows no bounds. Through the incredible generosity of the clinic, the people of Kajuki, Kenya received blessings that they did not anticipate. This project started in mid-October as Youthlinc, a non-profit humanitarian organization, began to assemble for a trip 9,000 miles away. Youthlinc needed sponsors in order to conduct an international outreach and Ogden Clinic stepped up to the plate.

Donating everything from drawstring bags, to file folders, to frisbees, the clinic’s donations impacted a variety of Kajuki’s community members. The seamstresses were able to store their supplies in the bags and the principles at the Kabururu Primary School could effectively organize documents in the file folders. But most importantly, the children could play with the frisbees as their faces beamed with alacrity.

These humble Kenyan people have never experienced such gracious gifts and their appreciation for the donations made by Ogden Clinic (and other generous sponsors) was unparalleled. When I looked out onto the school grounds in Kajuki, I felt an overwhelming sense of pride that a clinic, so dedicated to the health of others, could have such an expansive and impactful reach.


  1. Tony kostiuk says

    Dear Lauren..this is so sweet and well writen.i am so proud of you..your parents raise you have the best parents in the world.they were suppost to be angel..but at the last minute GOD said..let them go to earth and bless people.and they bless everyone that they touch

    Tony kostiuk. ( Karens father)

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