Wrist fracture? Know your options to avoid future problems – KSL Brandview 1/10/2018

Try as we might to stay safe, winter falls are just a patch of ice away. And if you’ve ever suffered a wrist fracture, you know firsthand how quickly symptoms develop. While most wrist fractures require quick attention, Dr. Brett Richards at Ogden Clinic advises patients to choose wisely where they receive that care.

A wrist fracture is rarely ever just a wrist fracture. Distal radius fractures trigger soft tissue injuries in up to 81 percent of patients. Choosing a specialist for fracture care can help prevent the onset of new problems while improving the outcome of your injury. Learn more below.

What is a distal radius fracture and who gets them?

The distal radius bone is very susceptible to fracture because it makes up about 80 percent of the joint surface in the wrist and bears almost the full load from a fall on the outstretched hand. It’s one of the most common fractures and is treated using a variety of techniques from casting to pinning to open surgery with plates and screws.

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