Over 40 and frequently scoping out the nearest bathroom? KSL Brandview 06/14/2017

It’s been said that there are two types of men: those that have prostate problems and those that will get them. Benign Prostate Hyperplasia (or BPH) affects a whopping 50% of men over age 50 and the cases increase with age. BPH refers to an enlarged prostate: a condition that has men getting up in the middle of the night to urinate or frequently scoping out the nearest restroom. But relief of BPH is possible and simpler than ever before thanks to a new procedure called Rezum® Water Vapor Therapy.

Ogden Clinic is the first medical group in Utah to offer Rezum® for urinary frequency, straining, and urgency. Urologist Dr. Bradford Stevenson explains more about this leading-edge procedure.

What is Rezum®?

Rezum® is a minimally-invasive surgery that uses the heat of water vapor to destroy obstructive tissue surrounding the prostate. After local anesthesia is administered, a hollow needle is guided into the patient’s prostate where it injects thermal energy (steam). The steam destroys overgrown cells in the prostate and allows urine to flow without obstruction.

How is Rezum® different?

Men have traditionally had three options for enlarged prostate:

  • Live with urinary symptoms
  • Take daily oral medication to mitigate the symptoms
  • Undergo TURP surgery to cut out the overgrown tissue

Rezum® is different because the procedure takes just minutes. Most patients require just one in-office treatment to shrink the prostate and begin relieving symptoms. Recovery is also much faster than an invasive TURP surgery. It’s a very streamlined solution for this common issue.

What is recovery like?

Patients will go home with a catheter for three days to help with bladder drainage. Some mild burning or blood in the urine is normal a couple days following treatment. Men will notice improved urinary health over the next couple weeks as his body naturally reabsorbs the destroyed tissue.

Is Rezum® covered by insurance?

Most insurances cover this BPH treatment. If they don’t, the price of Rezum® is considerably less than TURP surgery or long-term medication. Since Ogden Clinic started offering this procedure, I haven’t had a patient who has had trouble coming in and getting this procedure done.


Say goodbye to the daily oral medication or invasive surgery of yesteryears, Rezum® is transforming BPH treatment for patients and physicians alike. If you or a loved one lives with BPH, contact Dr. Stevenson’s office at (801) 475-3160.

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