Meet Your Provider – Dr. Brad Stevenson, Urologist

Everyone experiences health challenges at times — an ache or pain that we think might eventually go away, a difference in our digestive tract, or something else that doesn’t “seem normal.”

As Dr. Brad Stevenson tells those who he works with, “The most important thing you can learn is knowing when you’ve reached your limit, and need to go see someone.”

Dr. Stevenson specializes in Urology at the Ogden Clinic locations in both Brigham City (950 Medical Drive) and Ogden (4700 Harrison Blvd.). Raised in Layton, he returned home to Utah after completing nine years of medical training (Med School at St. Louis University) and residency (at Southern Illinois University). That was preceded by four years of study at the University of Utah, where he earned a degree in biology. He says urology is often misunderstood or characterized as being “mostly an area of concern for men. The reality is that half of urology patients are female, and a lot of those problems are related to childbirth.” He works with patients in all age groups, from youth to the elderly, providing an important service for residents in Davis and Weber counties.

Urology deals with those parts of our bodies from the kidneys on down. The most common medical problems are urinary tract infections, kidney stones, enlarged prostates, incontinence and erectile dysfunction. Bladder cancer and prostate cancer are also among the illnesses diagnosed and treated in urology.

“My patients ask why some of these problems occur, and I tell them that it’s often just a part of life,” Stevenson said. “A lot of these problems are very treatable. You don’t have to live with either the bothersome symptoms or the ailments themselves.”

One common problem for men is low testosterone, which can affect the energy level of a male, his libido, and can cause erectile dysfunction. More than half of the male population over age 50 has some form of ED, and that condition could be the barometer to something more serious.

“If a male 40 years old or younger begins having symptoms of ED, it could be the canary in the coal mine, indicating a problem with heart disease,” Stevenson said, emphasizing that being an important reason to see a doctor. “Many things can affect the health of a male patient with ED problems, including lifestyle, their exercise routine and their diet.”

He adds, “Any time a male or female feels they might have a problem that could involve surgical management, they need to see a specialist for intervention.”

Dr. Stevenson had originally planned to be in medical research, but he realized that “personal interaction is very important to me. I like seeing that I am helping people and developing a relationship with my patients. It’s very satisfying to know that you can make a difference in someone’s life.”

He loves Ogden Clinic’s locations for the way they are designed and maintained, and how they are professionally managed. “They’re beautiful facilities, and patients feel very comfortable coming in to see us,” he said. “I’m very glad to be a part of the Ogden Clinic team.”

You can reach Dr. Brad Stevenson by calling 801-397-6100 or clicking here to make an appointment.