Fun Facts About Ogden Clinic Doctors

Dr. Chappell raises chickens.

Chappell Chickens

As a boy, Dr. Baires played baseball in El Salvador. His team even won the national championship.


Dr. Seale has a band.


Mari Stuart enjoys making bath bombs.

Mari Bath Bombs

Dr. Lammi was an Apple Engineer before becoming an OB/GYN.


Dr. Stevenson and his wife are currently restoring a home.

Stevenson House

Dr. Vandersteen’s Star Wars fandom runs deep.

Dr. Vandersteen

See his May the 4th video here.

Dr. Garvey is a pilot.

Dr. Garvey

See her The Scope segment here.

Dr. Skedros‘s family owns The Mandarin restaurant in Bountiful.


Dr. Ward is a member of the Utah House of Representatives.


Happy Doctors Day 2018!