Does Shaved Hair Grow Back Thicker?

You’ve probably heard it all your life: If you shave that hair, it will come back thicker and darker. Is this an old myth or might there be some fact amongst the fiction? Greg Reeves, Dermatology PA at Ogden Clinic’s Professional Center has answers in this week’s blog post.

The blunt truth about shaved hair growing back thicker:

Hair on the human body tends to grow at a different rate depending on the individual and the body part. Hair tapers to a tip, with the very end being thinner and finer than the root of the hair. This is one of the reasons that our eyes deceive us into thinking that the hair that pops out is darker or thicker than before it was shaved. Instead, the hair that grows back is simply sticking up more visibly from the follicles and without the taper.

What about waxing hair off?

So, if shaving doesn’t cause hair to grow back thicker, what about waxing? While shaving is unlikely to cause changes in your hair growth type, waxing might. The action of waxing involves pulling hair out of your skin, something that can cause eventual damage to the follicle and reduce regrowth overall. Other than damaged follicles, waxing does not cause the changes to your hair growth that hormones or environmental influences might.

TL;DR: Because shaved hair creates a blunt tip instead of a naturally tapered strand, our eyes are fooled to think hair grows back thicker. But it doesn’t!


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