Which Birth Control Method is Right for Me? (Infographic)

Whether you choose birth control to prevent unintended pregnancy or for its other benefits (lighter periods and acne management among them), finding the best method can be confusing. According to Dr. Audrey Roberts at our Women’s Center at McKay Dee Hospital, the best choice for each woman depends on which benefits are most important to her. She says “choosing birth control is kind of like choosing the perfect running shoes. Maybe insole support is important to you, or maybe your shoes need to be the right color or style. Perhaps you prefer lightweight materials and minimal support—we all have different preferences.”

So if you’re starting birth control or thinking about changing methods, ask yourself a few of these questions then talk to your doctor about reaching a choice you both feel comfortable with.

Birth control, contraception options, types of birth control

Birth control options, contraception differences, OB/GYN 2


Birth control options, contraception differences, OB/GYN

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