Join The OCFIT Biking Club Led by Dr. Darek Eggleston!

Introducing OCFIT, Ogden Clinic’s new community wellness program. OCFIT hosts community activities that promote health and wellness—all led by Ogden Clinic providers! Everyone is welcome to participate in our events including group hikes, bike rides, and more.

Bike Rides with Dr. Darek Eggleston

WHAT: Monthly bike rides through the scenic trails of Antelope Island, Morgan, and Huntsville. The Biking Club is led by Dr. Darek Eggleston, Family Medicine Physician.

WHEN: The 2nd Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm (May through August)

WHERE: Check meet-up locations below.

WHO: Everyone is invited and encouraged to come participate. The biking club is non-competitive and fun for all ages.

All events are No Drop Rides, meaning that there will be minor stops along the way to allow all riders to catch up if they are dropped off the paceline.

Antelope Island Causeway

Antelope Island Causeway is an excellent ride for people of all ages. It offers great views of the lake on a nearly level trailway.

Morgan Loop

The Morgan Loop trail is a scenic ride that has a slight gain of 421 feet. This quiet ride passes through the charming town of Morgan.

Green Pond Loop

Green Pond Loop offers beautiful views of the mountains in all direction. There’s a mix of sunny and shaded areas and a gradual incline of 380 feet.

Old Snowbasin Road

This is a 22.6 mile ride through Huntsville. The route can be challenging due to the gain of 2,583 feet. One great thing about this trail is that there’s very little traffic.

Biking Etiquette

Follow the law: Obey traffic signals and signs. Stay with the group and use the rightmost lane headed in the direction you’re going.

Ride ready: Wear a helmet. Before each ride, make sure your tires are sufficiently inflated, brakes are working, chain runs smooth, and quick release levers are closed.

Communicate: Communicate road hazards to other members of the group. If you see a rider in front of you using hand signals, copy him or her to relay the message down the line and make everyone aware.

Think ahead: Anticipate what other people will do next. Watch for turning vehicles, debris, potholes, and other road hazards.