Behind the Scenes of Ogden Clinic’s Challenger Campaign

Ogden Clinic’s Challenger Ad Campaign was developed to display the Clinic’s wide range of specialties, including ENT, neurology, gastroenterology and medical weight loss. Check out some behind-the-scenes photos from the recent two-day photo-shoot that formed the backbone of the latest wrinkle in the campaign…


Ogden Clinic is proud to partner with the experts at Mountain West ENT (above). This team of doctors: Dr. Tykie Skedros, Dr. Curt Stock, and Dr. Bryan Wilcox have been serving Davis County for more than 25 years. They’re not only innovative physicians, but skilled surgeons who perform head and neck surgery on both adults and children who require it.


Dr. Bryce Peterson (above) conducts regular well visits, preventative tests, and other screenings for his patients — it’s a proactive way to catch problems early and prevent future ones. Should you need a referral to a specialist, Dr. Peterson has you covered. He makes referrals easy and efficient for all of his patients.


Dr. Chris Hammond (above) sees adults and children all over Northern Utah for neurological conditions. Under his care, patients are involved in their treatment and find their own path toward healing. While some diseases remain incurable, Dr. Hammond gives his patients hope for healing. By slowing the disease progression and managing various symptoms, Dr. Hammond helps patients improve their quality of life.


Dr. Rohn Rigby (above) is a compassionate mentor for his weight loss patients. He approaches each patient’s weight loss journey with an understanding of their condition and all its obstacles. After all, Dr. Rigby himself succeeded in losing 70 pounds. Board-certified in Obesity Medicine, Dr. Rigby knows that people are not overweight simply because they’re lazy or because they eat too much. A person’s brain chemistry, family history, and metabolism all contribute to their condition. That’s why Dr. Rigby has a multi-pronged approach to guide each of his patient’s success.


If you want to schedule an appointment with any of the above providers, please click here or call (801) 475-3000.