5 Things to Always Pack For a Picnic

Spring has sprung in Utah, and picnic season is in full swing. Before you travel to your favorite picnic destination, we encourage you to pack the following items…

Bug Spray

Don’t let your afternoon in the park be spoiled by bugs. Protect yourself from insect bites by bringing and using liberal amounts of bug spray. Insect repellents with DEET usually last longer and act more effectively than other sprays. They also work best when applied after sunscreen.


Picnicking in the park is the perfect chance to enjoy warm breezes and sunshine, but be careful. Too much exposure to the sun can obviously cause sunburn, as well as increase your risk of developing skin cancer. Skin damage is still possible even if you’re sitting in the shade. Avoid these dangers by bringing and applying healthy amounts of sunscreen.


It’s tempting to choose parks with built-in picnic tables, but on a perfect picnic day, chances are high that those tables won’t be available when you arrive. Be sure to bring along a big enough blanket(s) for seating and for spreading out your lunch.

Garbage Bag

It’s a good idea to always try to leave a picnic site cleaner than you found it. It’s easy to carry a trash bag with you in a pocket or a purse. Extra garbage bags can also be used as rain ponchos if necessary. Or, if they are sliced open and laid flat, they can be placed under your picnic blanket to keep wet grass from seeping through.

First Aid Kit

Whether your picnic includes time on the swings or a hike through the woods, it’s a great idea to bring along a first aid kit. Simple basics like hydrocortisone cream, bandages, and aspirin can help take the discomfort out of minor scrapes or bee stings.